queXML Tools

The forms below allow you to submit a queXML file and download the output. The forms are using the latest availabler version of queXML. See the queXML website for further information on queXML and it's uses. To test these tools, download the queXML package and extract the file: test_questionnaire.xml. Use this file to upload to the tools below. Feel free to modify the file and see how the output changes in the various tools.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not rely on these tools for production use. They may be restricted or removed at any time. These tools are not required for the use of queXML, they simply make it a bit easier. If you need help using queXML please check the support page

Questionnaire Validation

Generating a questionnaire in queXML using the queXML stylesheet should confirm that the queXML file is valid. The following form performs further verification not possible using the queXML schema alone and may give some useful hints or warnings.

Warnings include:

Validate a queXML file

Form Creation

A form may be generated for the following systems:

LATEST: PDF creation from queXML using queXML (Latest BZR Trunk) with banding information for queXF 1.13.3 and newer

Generate a PDF from queXML with banding information in XML for queXF

Generate a CSV import file for LimeSurvey Version 1.70 or greater

CASES Q Language (package)

Generate a CASES Q file from queXML

Data Description using DDI

A DDI file can be generated from a queXML file.

DDI File producer (Data Documentation Initiative website)

Generate a DDI file from a queXML file

DDI to SPSS description file

Generate an SPSS description from a DDI file


Update a DDI file so the startpos element is correct given the width of each element

DDI to queXML

Generate a queXML file from a DDI file

DDI to HTML Codebook

Generate a HTML Codebook from a DDI file

If you have any problems or questions about these tools, please contact Adam Zammit (adam.zammit at acspri dot org dot au) at ACSPRI